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Cold Pack Filling Equipment

Are you in need of effective cold pack filling machinery in your packaging facility? E-PAK Machinery has a variety of equipment that can greatly improve your production line. Our liquid filling machines are designed to handle many different types of liquid products, with applications ranging from low- to high-viscosity food and nonfood items. Based on your specific preferences and requirements, we can help you select equipment that will help your operations reach their full potential.


Install a Complete Cold Pack Filling Machine System

E-PAK's liquid filling machines are designed to handle many types of liquid products, including sensitive cold pack filler. Cold pack filling is more delicate than other types of liquids because of the need to prevent chemicals from reacting and causing the pack to cool prior to customer use. Our cold pack filling machines can avoid this while ensuring that the product is properly contained. We also offer other machines that can complete the rest of the packaging process.

Your facility can benefit from a system of conveyors, cappers, and labelers to maintain quality and efficiency throughout the entire packaging process. Cappers can fit containers with custom-fitting caps of different sizes, labelers can then place custom-printed labels on products, and a system of conveyors can carry products between stations with different speed settings.

Plan a Customized Production Line

E-PAK Machinery gives customers the ability to design and implement a customized liquid packaging configuration that works best for their specific applications. Based on the space requirements of your facility and the needs of your liquid filling processes, we can help you choose the right combination of machinery and assist with installation. Cold pack filling equipment is available in different sizes and different setups to give you what you need for high-quality filling and packaging.

If you want to integrate a complete custom packaging system, contact E-PAK Machinery today to get started. After assisting you with equipment selection, production line design, and installation, we can also provide other services including leasing, field service, and high-speed camera services to keep your production line in top shape.