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Lip Balm Filling Equipment

For a selection of reliable lip balm filling machines, turn to E-PAK Machinery for your liquid packaging system needs. We carry a wide range of machinery to install in many different types of liquid packaging facilities, including lip balm products. Along with liquid fillers, we also offer a variety of cappers, labelers, and conveyors that can provide top-quality performance with durable construction and easy operation.


Install a Complete Lip Balm Filling Equipment System

Lip balm is one of the more viscous substances that E-PAK Machinery equipment is designed to fill and package. Our inventory includes a selection of gravity fillers, overflow fillers, and other types of filling machines that can meet the needs of most liquid products. For other aspects of liquid packaging systems, we offer other types of equipment.

Following completion of the liquid filling process, your production line can use a capper to effectively seal lip balm containers, labelers to apply clear, paper, or Mylar labels with custom graphics and text, and conveyors that can transfer containers between stations at various speeds. With a combination of our liquid filling and packaging machinery integrated in your facility, you can benefit from improved efficiency and productivity.

Create a Custom Production Line Configuration

Each piece of equipment in our inventory is designed with flexibility in mind, with different size and setup options giving customers what they need for their specific applications. We can help you design a completely customized system of lip balm filling equipment with the appropriate machines and a configuration that meets space requirements while ensuring efficient operation. You can consult our team of experts to help you find the right equipment for your production line and design the most effective filling and packaging system.

To further make sure that customers get the results they want from their production lines, we offer multiple services in addition to top-of-the-line packaging products. Our list of services includes 24/7 technical support through our field services, installation, leasing, and high-speed camera services that can help with performance improvement and operator training. With our products and services combined, we can help you develop a lip balm filling and packaging line that provides consistent profitability for many years.