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Molten Product Systems

When you’re packaging molten products, you’ll need a specific set of machinery that is designed to work with these sorts of liquids. Molten product systems are featured in this set of videos, so you can get an idea of how machines like molten liquid filling machines and portable molten liquid fillers work and fit into a traditional packaging line.

What Industries Work With Molten Liquids?

Molten products are crafted for a range of different industries, so it’s no surprise that there is a line of specialized machinery to get the job done correctly. Products such as candles, deodorant, petroleum jelly, lip balm, shoe polish, glycerin soaps and much more are created using these types of machines. Industries that create these sorts of products include the pharmaceutical/health and beauty industry, apparel companies (shoe polish), home goods, and more.


Machines Meant for Molten Products

There are a few different machines that are used with molten products. The most prominent is likely the molten product filler. Its fill heads are adjustable to accommodate a wide range of container sizes, and its design requires minimal floor space in your line. For a more convenient option, the portable molten product filler is ideal—it mixed the liquid and fragrance/color in the hand-held wand rather than in the tank, so cleanup and changeover is quick. Past the actual filling machines, wick inserters are often part of molten liquid filling systems, particularly with candles, as are cooling conveyers, which held cool down and solidify the liquids as the containers are transported to their next stop.


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