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Portable Molten Filling System for Candles

If your company is in the business of making candles, you’ve likely researched the different ways to make your packaging line more efficient. If you haven’t yet considered adding a portable molten filling system to your setup, though, you may want to. Portable molten fillers offer the same benefits that standard molten fillers do, but with the added convenience of being mobile, so they can be placed wherever there’s floorspace in your workplace.


Why Use a Portable Filler?

Portable fillers have the capability of filling a wide range of products and container sizes and shapes. The filler can hold up to 40 gallons of pre-melted neutral wax in its insulated holding tank, at a temperature that you, the operator, set. At the top of the filler are where the dye and fragrance mixture is stored, allowing for easy changeover—the neutral wax remains undyed and unscented until mixing with the solution in the hand-held filling wand. Portable molten filling systems are ideal for smaller batches of products—given that the wax tank can only hold 40 gallons, the operator can make one batch of one product, then change the dye and fragrance mixture and continue packaging the next product.

What Are Portable Fillers Used For?

Portable molten fillers are designed to package candles primarily, and are often used as such. They are also frequently used for other molten products, typically smaller-sized products like deodorants, petroleum jelly, glycerin soaps and lip balms. This way, the 40-gallon tank can create a sizeable amount of packaged product in very little time and with little commotion.

Portable molten fillers can be used for a variety of products, and because they take up less space than a permanent fixture and can accommodate quick changeover to new products, they’re a convenient choice for many businesses. To learn more about portable molten fillers for candle packaging lines or other molten products, contact E-PAK Machinery today.