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Molten Product Filler for Filling Systems

If you’re searching for a reliable solution for filling molten products into containers safely and carefully, the molten product filler from E-PAK Machinery will fit the bill perfectly. Our molten product fillers are designed with easy cleanup in mind, and when you use one of them, you’ll enjoy the fact that these machines have large storage tanks, which means you can fill/package a lot of your product in once batch. Not all molten filling machinery is produced the same, so be sure to purchase machinery from a business that is known for manufacturing high-quality equipment.

Why Use Molten Product Fillers?

Molten products are, as you can imagine, products that are required to be melted to be filled into containers. Things like candles, deodorants, shoe polishes, and other items are all considered molten products—they’re solid at room temperature, so for accurate and clean filling, they are melted before being put through a liquid filling machine. At E-PAK, we offer two options of liquid fillers for molten products—a permanent one and a portable option. Both are highly efficient machines, but the portable option is ideal for companies who either product molten products in smaller batches, or who are just started to offer these products and aren’t sure if they will be permanent offerings. For those options, the portable filler takes up less space and is easily moved, offering optimal convenience.

Additional Molten Packaging Equipment from E-PAK

We’re glad to be able to offer our clients all of the equipment they need for molten product packaging. In addition to the molten liquid filler and portable molten liquid filler, we also offer wick inserters for candles and cooling conveyors, which help cool the molten liquid more quickly to speed up the overall process and get your products ready to ship out.

For more information about any of the machines we offer, contact E-PAK Machinery today.