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Molten Gravity Filler with Loading Turntable

At E-PAK Machinery, we offer our clients a range of different machines to fulfill the needs of their facility’s packaging line. We’re glad to be able to provide molten product fillers, including molten gravity fillers, to ensure things like balms, candles, shoe polish and other products can be easily packaged into their containers. In this video, you can see how a molten gravity filler works in conjunction with accessory machines, such as a loading turntable, to ensure maximum efficiency of the packaging line.

Why Use Molten Fillers?

Molten fillers are used for products that are solid at room temperature, and therefore must be liquefied via melting before being filled into their containers. After all, you can’t package candles into glass jars if the wax is already hardened. At E-PAK, we offer a few different options for molten liquid filling, including a portable option. Portable molten fillers are especially ideal for facilities that have limited floor space, as they can be moved around easily, and since the wax and fragrance/color are not premixed, the changeover from one product to the next is quick and easy. Molten gravity fillers are ideal for thinner products, since the products don’t need additional pressure to fill into containers. If you are filling thicker molten products, consider gravity/pressure fillers.

Other Machines from E-PAK Machinery

E-PAK Machinery offers complete in-line packaging system equipment, including accessory machines such as conveyors (as well as cooling conveyors, which are typically used with molten products to help them solidify more quickly), loading turntables to ensure efficiency, labelers, cappers and more. We offer a variety of machinery to cover the needs of different industries and products, and if you’re not sure which machines are best for your particular packaging line, we’re happy to help you figure out what products are the most ideal. To learn more about E-PAK Machinery’s complete collection of liquid filling equipment, contact us today.