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Molten Gravity Liquid Filler with Transfer Stations

Molten products, or products that need to be melted before being filled into a container, require specialty machinery to ensure that the packaging line they’re produced on works efficiently. For products like lip balms, candles and more, where the product is solid at room temperature, molten fillers liquefy the product prior to filling. At E-PAK Machinery, we’re proud to offer all of the machinery you need to package your company’s molten products. From bottle cleaners to molten liquid fillers, cooling conveyors and more, you’ll find everything you need to get your product packaged and ready to be sent to your customers.

Why Use a Gravity Filler?

Molten products are usually relatively thin/not very viscous, which means they don’t need much help to get from a hopper to the container. Thicker products (for example, honey) need an extra boost to ensure that containers are properly filled, and therefore are better suited with machines like a pressure filler. Gravity fillers, on the other hand, ensure that thin or foamy products are poured into bottles and containers at an even rate and consistent fill level, so you can trust your machinery will not cause overflow or spillage. Molten fillers are also available in portable models, perfect for facilities that don’t have a lot of floor space or facilities where the molten product is made in small batches and therefore doesn’t warrant its own full-size equipment just yet. Whatever your molten product needs are, E-PAK Machinery has what you need to get the job done.

Other Available Machinery

At E-PAK, you’ll not only find the proper liquid filling machinery you need to get your product into containers, but all of the “accessory” equipment as well, such as transfer stations. Transfer stations are parts of the packaging line where containers are transferred from one machine to another—such as from a conveyor to a filler, and from a filler to the conveyor to the next station. Other accessory machines may include cap elevators or sorters for your capping machine.

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