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Labeling Machines

Once you’ve packaged your product into its containers, you need to let people know what’s inside. That’s where labeling machines come in. Check out these videos to see how they work and how they fit into your packaging line.


Applying Package Labels on Bottles and Cans

Labeling your product is of utmost importance. If your product is not properly labeled, your consumers will not know what it is, and past that, it could get mixed up for other products within your facility. Labeling machines from E-PAK Machinery take the containers from the capping machines to their next station, securely affixing labels to them so that they are prepared for shipment or sale.


Other Essential Machinery in a Packaging Line

Of course, with a labeling machine being the last stop in the packaging line, there are several stops it has to make before landing there. The containers in your packaging line start at a bottle cleaning station, then are transported via conveyor to liquid filling machines, then capping machines. There are a variety of machines for each station to choose from, and some may be better options than others, depending on the type of product you are packaging.

For more information on labeling machines or any of the other machinery we offer, contact E-PAK Machinery today.