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Clutch Brake Packaging Line Container Labeler

The last step in your packaging line—and any packaging line, really—is the labeling process. Affixing labels to your containers once they’ve been filled lets you inform people about what is in the containers, establish your branding, and put any necessary precautions or warnings. At E-PAK Machinery, in addition to offering the rest of the packaging line machinery you’ll need, we also provide labelers, such as the clutch brake labeling machine.

Labelers and Other Equipment from E-PAK

Clutch brake labelers are designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels—primarily in hazardous location environments, but they can accommodate many different settings—and are built to Class 1, Div 1 standards, and can be integrated over a conveyor or built into a stand-alone spot on your packaging line. These labels work with round or flat-sided containers, and can accommodate a variety of materials of label, including paper, clear film, and Mylar.

In addition to labelers, we offer a variety of other equipment to complete your packaging line, such as bottle cleaners, which remove contaminants from containers before they are filled, conveyors to bring the containers from station to station, and capping machines. You can choose from chuck cappers, spindle cappers, snap cappers, or vertical wheel pluggers, and you’ll also have the choice of many different liquid fillers:


  • Pressure fillers

  • Piston fillers

  • Pump fillers

  • Gravity fillers

  • Molten and portable molten fillers

  • Net weigh fillers

  • Overflow fillers

Why Shop With E-PAK Machinery?

In addition to providing reliable packaging line equipment that suits a variety of different industries’ needs, we offer other services including 24/7 technical support, installation, field service, high speed camera, leasing options, and more. We also offer custom bottle filling services, if your application calls for something that’s a bit out of the ordinary. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information about the clutch brake packaging line container labeling machine or any of our other machines.