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Clutch Brake Can Labeler for Hazardous Locations

Labeling machines are a crucial, indispensable part of any efficient packaging line. Once your products are filled into the containers and sealed, of course, they need to be labeled to ensure both you and your customers know the contents of the container. At E-PAK Machinery, we’re proud to offer high-quality packaging machinery, including clutch brake can labelers for hazardous locations.


Why Choose Clutch Brake Labelers?

Clutch brake labelers are considered to be some of the most reliable equipment for this job, as clutch/brakes are the original method used to index each label as it went forward. These machines are better used in non-automatic setups. The machine showcased in this video is used for labeling in hazardous locations, and heat concerns ensure this machine operates more slowly than automatic machines, which can contribute to the efficiency and safety of the machine.

Additional Parts of a Successful Packaging Line

Labelers are not, of course, the only part of a packaging line that are required. That’s why at E-PAK, we’re proud to offer all of the equipment you need to ensure that your product is securely filled into clean containers, sealed tightly, and prepared for shipment.

From start to finish, E-PAK Machinery can supply your business with all of the necessary equipment you need for a packaging line. We offer bottle cleaners, which work by removing all of the debris, dust, and other contaminants from containers, which are the first step in your packaging line. We also offer the rest of the components you need, such as liquid fillers, capping machines, and of course, labelers.

Choose Liquid Filling Machinery from E-PAK

Before your labelers get a workout, you’ll need to get the containers filled and sealed properly. Our selection of liquid filling equipment includes:

  • Gravity fillers
  • Molten fillers
  • Net weigh fillers
  • Overflow fillers
  • Piston fillers
  • Portable molten fillers
  • Pressure fillers
  • Pump fillers

After your containers are filled, you’ll need conveyors to bring them to the next station, which is the capping station. We offer chuck cappers, spindle cappers, snap cappers, and vertical wheel pluggers, and after the containers are sealed, they can move along to the station with the clutch brake can labeler.

To learn more about the packaging equipment offered by E-PAK Machinery, contact us today.