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Bottle Cleaners

When you’re putting together a liquid filling line, one of the first machines in the system you’ll utilize is a bottle cleaner. In these videos, you’ll see how bottle cleaners prepare the containers for being filled with your product.


Why Are Bottle Cleaners Necessary?

Bottle cleaners are the first step in most packaging lines. They are useful for preparing containers for filling, particularly after shipping or storage. Especially in the case of consumable products like sauces, salad dressings, or beverages, this is particularly important to ensure the product is uncontaminated and safe to consume. If dust or other particles of debris are in the bottle when the liquid is filled in, it can compromise the quality and safety of your product.

How Do They Work?

Bottle cleaners work to get rid of the contaminants that accumulate during shipping or storing the containers. The containers are passed through a vortex curtain of ionized air, which neutralizes the static charge responsible for attracting dust and other debris to the surface of the bottles. With the charge neutralized, it’s easier to remove those particles. A self-centering rinsing head is lowered into each container, and a blast of HEPA-filtered compressed air is injected, and simultaneously, a vacuum is inserted to remove the loosened particles. Once removed, the debris is sent to a collection bag behind the bottles, or can even be redirected to your facility’s disposal system.


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