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Bottle Cleaning Machinery

When you’re in the business of packaging a liquid product into a container, one of your biggest concerns is usually making sure the containers you’re using are completely clean before filling your product in them. When boxes of containers sit in your warehouse, you may have to find a solution for ensuring they’re completely clean before filling—enter the bottle cleaner machine from E-PAK Machinery.


How Does It Work?

The bottle cleaner machine is used to remove dust, small particles and other debris from bottles and other containers. These particles often accumulate during shopping or storage, but are easily removed. This bottle cleaner passes the containers through a vortex curtain of ionized air. The vortex neutralizes the static charge responsible for attracting the dust and debris to the bottle’s surface, allowing for easy cleaning. Then, air-rinsing heads are lowered into the container, and a blast of filtered compressed air is injected, while a vacuum is simultaneously inserted to remove the loosened particles. This quick process cleans the bottle, and the debris is put into a collection bag for disposal.

These machines are a necessity for many products, as they ensure no contamination.

Where Can Bottle Cleaners and Air Rinsers Be Used?

There are a variety of applications for this machine, including but not limited to:

  • Beverages of all types, from soda to liquor and wine and more.
  • Food products like sauces, condiments, etc.
  • Personal care products, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and cleansers.
  • Chemicals, such as cleaners.

If your company packages a liquid into a container and you want to ensure optimal quality, you should invest in a bottle cleaner so that your product is not contaminated. Call E-PAK today for more information.