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Why Use Molten Hot Liquid Filling Machines? What They Are, Benefits, and More


Molten hot liquid filling machines are becoming an increasingly popular piece of equipment for companies working in various industries that produce hot liquid products. Known for their unique properties that equip businesses with some of the best advantages, these liquid-filling machines are among the best investments of companies of all sizes.

Keep reading to learn everything about these special liquid filling machines - from what they are to the benefits they offer and more; we made sure to cover all the essentials.

How these machines work

The liquid filling process is complex, but it’s even more challenging if the liquid must be filled while hot. This is what molten hot liquid filling machines are made for, as they have all the properties that make this overly complex process run smoothly.

The primary purpose of these liquid filling machines is to heat the products to go through the filling machine. The thick products will become thin, while some solid products will turn liquid. That way, they can easily travel through the system and reach the container.

However, the temperatures must be consistent throughout the filling process to avoid unreliable and inconsistent fillings. Therefore, the temperature can’t be too low or too high. Machines have heating elements on the pump, tubing, tank, or nozzles to maintain the same temperature.

Our machines can complete liquid filling tasks and reach up to 200° Fahrenheit. With temperature-controlled and PLC-controlled filling equipment, filling solid and thick products has never been easier.

The benefits they provide

Due to their versatility and flexibility, all kinds of businesses can find the properties of molten hot liquid filling machines extremely beneficial. Here are some of the key benefits they provide to companies:

-Accurate - PLC-controlled bottle movement and fill control make the entire process as precise as possible.

-Consistent - maintaining consistent temperatures enables easy and equal distribution of a liquid product.

-Versatile - a wide range of liquid products can be filled into a wide variety of container shapes and sizes.

-Compact - the newest design requires minimal floor space and can benefit businesses with limited space.

-Efficient - efficient solutions make the entire process much quicker.

-Cost-effective - with ultimate efficiency and without the factor of human error, the molten hot liquid filling machines are cost-effective solutions that quickly turn profitable.

-Durable - the robust stainless steel construction is responsible for a sturdy design that provides years of durability.

Products that can be filled with these machines

Any solid product that liquefies when heated can be filled into containers with molten hot liquid filling machines. Nevertheless, here are some of the most common products where the application of E-Pak Machinery, Inc. molten hot liquid filling solutions is already well known:


-lip balms

-stick deodorants

shoe polishes

-car waxes

-CBD oils

-petroleum jellies

-glycerin soaps

-petroleum-based products


Molten hot liquid filling machines are the perfect solution for any business creating solid products that must be heated upon the filling process.

E-Pak Machinery, Inc. is one of the leading companies in the product filling industry. By using the latest technological advancements and the most modern tools, we aspire to create high-quality and durable equipment.

Contact E-Pak Machinery, Inc. today to find the perfect machine for your needs and get a free quote!