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Using Pressure Gravity Fillers for High-Viscosity Products

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In order to avoid clogging, specially designed liquid filling machines are required in the packaging of high-viscosity products. Certain liquids are much thicker than others, and with the right liquid filling equipment in packaging lines, bottling, capping and labeling of these products is consistently efficient. There are specific types of liquid fillers that packaging lines will want to implement for these products.

Determining the Viscosity of a Liquid

Gravity fillers are used for thin and foamy liquids, while pressure gravity fillers are required for thicker liquids. Before you can decide whether a liquid product will require a gravity filler or pressure gravity filler in the filling process, it's important to determine the specific viscosity of the product.

Viscosity is measured in three types of units: Centipoise (cp), Centistokes (cSt) and Saybolt Second Universal (SSU). The more viscous the liquid is, the higher the number of units for each. For example, water has a cp and cSt of 1, and an SSU of 31, while mayonnaise measures in at 5,000 cp, 6,250 cSt and 28,000 SSU. Knowing the specific viscosity of your product will be beneficial when figuring out the right liquid filling machine to use in packaging, as well as when you're looking for a specific part such as a filling pump. Liquid packaging experts can help determine the specific viscosity of a product as well.

Pressure Gravity Fillers for Thicker Liquids

In addition to water-thin and medium-viscosity substances, pressure gravity fillers can package many high-viscosity products that might otherwise clog machinery. For example, food products like molasses, sour cream and honey aren't packaged the same way as thinner liquids like milk and cream, and the pressure gravity filler accommodates for their filling needs. The pressure gravity filler works by holding the product in an overhead tank, filling the bottles below the tank to the desired level, and any excess product is pushed back through the tubes up to the tank. This system prevents liquids from getting stuck in the machinery, maintaining efficiency in the production line.

For companies that sell thicker liquid products, pressure gravity fillers are ideal for implementation in packaging lines, efficiently filling small to larger bottles with viscous products. You can also pair your gravity filler with one of E-PAK's quality  bottle wash machines! Contact E-PAK to receive additional information regarding liquid filling machinery for high-viscosity liquids.

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