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Can You Use Liquid Filling Machines for Waxy or Molten Products?

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Cooling Conveyer from E-PAK Machinery

Products such as candles and deodorant are not things we often think of as liquids. But the truth is, they start out as molten liquids before cooling to a solid. When thinking about how these materials are packaged, you may be surprised to learn that they are produced using liquid filling machines that are specifically meant for molten products.

Molten liquid filling machines can offer benefits to many different industries, including the automotive industry, health and beauty, home improvement, and more. There are a few different types of machines that are often used with molten liquids, though, that you should consider adding to your inline packaging system for optimal efficiency when packaging molten or waxy products.

Molten Liquid Filling Machine

First up, molten liquid filling machines are used for molten and waxy products . Molten product fillers can fill a wide range of products and handle a variety of containers, both different shapes and sizes. Products like candles, deodorant, shoe polish, petroleum jelly, glycerin soaps and much more are all used with molten liquid filling machines.

Portable Molten Fillers

If you prefer to have a smaller more flexible option, the portable molten filler is available as well. While it is primarily meant for filling candles, it can be used with other hot-filled products such as lip balms. This filler can hold up to 40 gallons of neutral wax in the holding tank, and the dye and fragrance are mixed in separately—not in the holding tank—so you have the option to change the combinations more easily.

Cooling Conveyers

Cooling conveyers are also used with molten products. Once these liquids are in their containers, they need to cool completely. Some solidify as they cool, while some become firmer but not completely solid. Cooling conveyers help expedite this process, as they have fans underneath the conveyer belt and the containers are transported slowly and smoothly so that the temperature can come down.

Capping Machines

Finally, capping machines are still used in the same way with molten products as they are with regular products. These containers still need to be securely sealed, which is why you’ll have the choice between chuck cappers, spindle cappers, snap cappers, or wheel pluggers.

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