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Portable Molten Product Filler

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E-PAK Machinery’s Portable Molten Filler has the capability to fill a wide range of products and handle a wide variety of container sizes and shapes. Although it is designed primarily for filling candles, this filler has the capability to fill other hot filled products like deodorants, petroleum jelly, lip balm, and glycerin soaps.

The Portable Molten Filler can hold up to 40 gallons of pre-melted neutral wax in the insulated holding tank at the precise temperature set by the operator. When the operator initiates the fill cycle, the dye and fragrance mixture, which is stored on the top of the filler, is thoroughly mixed with the neutral wax as it is dispensed from the hand-held wand. Because the dye and fragrance mixture is not blended in the tank, the operator can change to a new dye and fragrance mixture quickly and easily with minimal waste.

Accurate and consistent fills are achieved using variable speed digital pump controls and a 1/100th second digital fill timer. The compact design requires minimal floor space and the machine is mounted on soft rubber casters for portability. This machine’s self-contained heating system, ease of operation, quick-set digital controls and precise heating controls are only just a few reasons why E-PAK’s Portable Molten Filler stands above the competition.

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Portable Molten Filler from E PAK Machinery, Inc ()
  • Portable Molten Filler from E PAK Machinery, Inc
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