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One Head Inline Chuck Capper

When constructing an optimally efficient packaging line, one must consider the usefulness of having a capper machine. While capping can be done manually, using a chuck capper or other capping machine will obviously save time and produce more items. At E-PAK Machinery, one of our goals is to offer businesses the machinery they need for optimal production.

Chuck Capper Machines

Our chuck capper machines are compatible with caps between 10mm and 115mm, so you’ll have no trouble with the machine working with your product lids. The machine is accommodating to a variety of container heights as well, and can be used in a semi- or fully-automatic setting. In an automatic setting, you can use the capper with a sorter and a chute—the sorter feeds the caps to the chute, and the capper picks the cap up from the chute.

Complete Inline Packaging Machines

At E-PAK, we are proud to supply a variety of industries with machinery that facilitates efficient packaging and shipping. Our line includes liquid filling machines, molten product systems, cappers, labelers, and more. For more information about any of our machinery, don’t hesitate to contact us.