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Chuck Capper Machines from E-PAK Machinery

For additional efficiency within your packaging line, check out E-PAK Machinery’s selection of chuck capper machines, which effectively secure caps onto product containers. Our goal is to offer businesses in a variety of industries the packaging solutions they need most for optimal efficiency and productivity.



What Do Chuck Capper Machines Do?

Chuck capper machines regulate the torque of caps to maintain consistency with placing them on containers and tighten them. The chuck capper, if in a fully automated setting, picks up the cap from a chute, then puts it onto the container and tightens. The chuck capper can accommodate caps from 10 to 115mm, making it a versatile and useful choice for many different companies.

Packaging Machinery

At E-PAK Machinery, we strive to provide our clients with high quality machines for every step of the packaging process. That means that in addition to chuck capper machines, we also offer labelers, liquid filling machines, molten product systems, and much more. For more information about any of our packaging machines or products, contact us at any time.