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Automatic Vertical Wheel Plugging Machine

Plugging systems, in the realm of packaging machinery, are designed to facilitate the consistent sealing of a product within its container. Vertical wheel plugging machines are synchronized with belts below, which pass the containers down the line. As each container lines up with the vertical wheel plugger, a plug is placed into the container and the package is effectively sealed. In this video, you’ll see how the wheel itself works to place the plugs into the containers. The system works efficiently and consistently to ensure your product’s quality, and can be integrated into your existing packaging line.

Why Use Plugs Instead of Caps?

Some products call for plugs rather than screw-on caps. For instance, while there are some brands of wine that are dabbling in screw-on caps, most bottles are still sealed with a cork. Many other products use plugs instead of caps, either for aesthetic reasons or for a functional reason. Whatever the reason for using them, there is machinery that will help you craft the exact product you want to sell. This system works with a plug sorter that allows for precise fitting, and your containers will all be safely sealed and ready to go.

About the Plugging System

E-PAK Machinery’s pluggers are built with servo drive motors that control the vertical wheel placer and timing screw indexing system. The plugger is compatible with a variety of container heights as well as plug sizes. This plugging system is made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and offers a reliable plugging solution for years to come. It is also equipped with Allen-Bradley PLC controls, which allow for quick setup and easy operation.

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