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Plugging Machines

When you’re deciding on a capping system for your products’ containers, you have a few options. Check out these videos to learn more about and see how plugging machines work.


Plugging Machine Options for Capping

When you’re choosing capping machinery for your packaging line, you have the option to choose from several types. Spindle cappers spin screw-on caps into place while snap cappers snap them on. Chuck cappers are similar to spindle cappers, but the movement of each machine is different—one has rotating wheels that spin the cap itself, while the other pushes spinning containers through a stationary line until the caps are tightened on. Plugging machines, however, are a different breed of capping machine. These machines use rotating wheels to insert a plug into a container, which securely seals it. For instance, a wine bottle with a cork in it would have been sealed with a plugging machine. These are not always the ideal choice of cap for many products, so if you’re unsure of whether a plugging machine is good for your product, contact us today—we’re happy to answer any of your questions.


Other Necessary Machinery for Plugging Containers

In addition to plugging machines—or a different capping machine, depending on your needs—your packaging line will also need cap sorting elevators or another form of a cap feeding system, so that the caps can be properly placed onto each container.

Not sure what your packaging line needs for optimal efficiency? Contact E-PAK Machinery today for more information.