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Table Top Overflow Filler for Low-Viscosity Liquids

In some instances, full-size machines are not the most ideal solution for businesses. Particularly if your facility is lacking in floor space, portable or table top machines can be the better options. One such machine that is available in a table top format is the overflow filler from E-PAK Machinery. Overflow fillers are ideal for very thin to low-viscosity liquids, and because this particular machine is available in a table top model, you’ll be able to fit it in wherever you have space in your facility.


What Are Overflow Fillers Best For?

At E-PAK Machinery, we offer a variety of liquid filling machines. Each machine is suitable for different types of liquids, and the overflow filler is no exception. Overflow fillers are best for water-thin to low-viscosity liquids. For the table top filler, the user must position the bottles under the fill heads using the adjustable railing. When the machine is switched on, the fill heads dive into the bottles, and after a second switch is flipped, the product is dispensed to the pre-set, user-defined amount. Because this machine is a table top model and designed for maximum convenience, changeover between products can be achieved in mere minutes.

Other Liquid Filling Machinery from E-PAK

At E-PAK Machinery, we offer a variety of liquid filling machines as well as other equipment to complete a packaging line. When you’re filling liquids into containers, you will need bottle cleaners, conveyors (or cooling conveyors if you are filling molten products), liquid filling machines or molten liquid filling machines, capping machines and labelers. Some packaging lines also include accessory machines, such as cap elevators and cap sorters, which orient caps prior to placement for optimal efficiency.

To learn more about the equipment offered at E-PAK Machinery, contact us today. Our associated will be happy to help you learn more about the best products for your line.