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Packaging Line Inspection & Rejection Station

When you’re in the business of packaging and selling liquids bottled into containers, it’s important not to have products hit the shelves with any defects. For instance, you don’t want a container that has a few ounces less liquid than other containers to end up in stores, nor do you want a container with a non-secured lid to make it to boxing and shipping, as this can cause leakage and damage the other products. For that reason, you should consider setting up a product inspection and rejection station in your facility.


Problems Inspection Stations Can Catch

When you set up an inspection and rejection station in your liquid filling or packaging line, it will be able to catch such problems as non-consistent weights (that is, non-consistent fill levels), as well as the security of lids. For example, if you were using a gravity filler and the fill supply ran out, the bottle may have still gone through the fill line, but didn’t get filled all the way. It would still be capped, but unless it goes through an inspection and rejection station, its problems may be overlooked or simply missed—particularly if the liquid is clear. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, and that’s never a good thing. These stations can also ensure that improperly placed lids are noticed, so that you or your workers can fix the containers before sending them down the line to be packaged. Improperly attached lids, if they go unnoticed, can cause damage to the other containers, especially if the liquid inside is corrosive or sticky.


Packaging Line Efficiency from E-PAK Machinery

At E-PAK Machinery, we offer a variety of equipment that ensures efficiency, including a range of different liquid filling machines, capping machines, labelers, conveyers and more. Whether you’re filling thin liquids or highly viscous liquids into containers, we have equipment that will work with your products. We also sell molten liquid filling systems, including cooling conveyers and portable molten liquid fillers.

To learn more about inspection and rejection stations or any of the other equipment we offer, contact E-PAK Machinery today.