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Inspect/Reject Stations

Once your product is filled into its containers, you’ll need to ensure that everything is up to the standards you expect. Check out these videos to learn more about inspect/reject stations, which check each container and set aside ones that are not up to snuff.


How Product Inspection & Rejection Machines Work

These machines make sure that the product you end up shipping out and selling is in top shape. For example, if for some reason a cap didn’t attach properly to a bottle and fell off during the packaging process, in the inspect/reject station, it will be labeled a reject and pushed out of the running. This ensures that only the containers with proper fill levels, secure lids, and fully affixed labels end up in your shipping crates. This in turn ensures that your clients and customers are totally satisfied with the product they purchase from you.


Ensuring Product Packaging Quality

Ensuring proper quality for your products is of the utmost importance. If your products are shipped out with inconsistent fill levels, cracked bottles, leaks, or no lids/labels, your customers will not be pleased, and this will result in you replacing products, issuing refunds or credits, and overall negative responses. In order to keep your customers completely happy, using an inspect/reject station will remove any less-than-perfect containers from your line.

Learn more about inspect/reject stations, or any of our other machines by contacting E-PAK Machinery today.