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Plugging System Equipment for Packaging Lines

When you’re choosing a method for sealing your containers after they’ve been filled, you have a few different choices. Many businesses choose vertical wheel pluggers for their products, either for an efficiency reason or for aesthetic purpose—think of products like wine, which, when it comes with a twist-on cap, can be harshly (and sometimes inaccurately) judged as being not good, or at least not as good as a wine that has a cork seal. At E-PAK Machinery, we are proud to offer plugging systems for packaging lines, which effectively seal containers with plugs.

Types of Capping Machines Offered by E-PAK

We are proud to be able to offer our customers a few different types of capping machine for their production lines. Vertical wheel pluggers are a popular choice, but if you do not want a plug-seal for your container, you have the choice between three other types: spindle cappers, chuck cappers, and snap cappers. Spindle and chuck cappers both work with twist-on caps, while snap cappers accommodate snap-on caps. Additionally, we offer accessory capping machines that help make your packaging line more efficient—things like cap sorters and cap elevators, which feed and properly orient the caps into the capping machine.


Other Packaging Equipment Available

Because you’ll need more than just a capping machine or plugging system to ensure all of your containers are cleaned, filled, and labeled before being shipped off, E-PAK is happy to be able to offer the entire line of machinery required for a complete packaging line. Our bottle cleaners remove dust, debris and other particles within containers, ensuring your product is uncontaminated when filled into the containers. We also offer conveyors, which bring the containers from one machine to the next, as well as a variety of different liquid filling machines, and labeling machines for once the containers have been sealed.


For more information about any of the packaging equipment offered, contact us any time! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.