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Inspection & Rejection Station for Packaging

When you’re in the business of packaging liquids, you know that filling to a consistent level ensures your customers will be pleased with the products they order from you, and that the products will also look good on shelves in stores. However, if the fill line isn’t consistent, or if a lid isn’t properly affixed and causes the product to leak during shipment, product satisfaction can be diminished, and your customers may not be pleased with your work. One way to prevent these issues is by implementing an inspection and rejection station at your facility.



What do Inspection and Rejection Stations Check For?

Inspection and rejection stations invariably check to ensure that the products you are ultimately going to sell are in the best condition they can be before being shipped off. Inspection and rejection stations will typically check for things like whether the fill level is correct and consistent with what the other containers are filled to, as well as whether the lids have been securely placed on each container. If the fill level is improper or the lid is not secured, the bottle or container will be removed from the packaging line for additional scrutiny from a worker. Without these checks, your overall quality could end up being lower than what your target is, and your customers may not be happy with the products they receive. Avoid customer dissatisfaction by implementing an inspection and rejection station in your packaging line.


Quality Packaging Equipment from E-PAK Machinery

In addition to inspection and rejection station equipment, we at E-PAK offer everything you need for liquid product packaging in any industry, including conveyers, liquid filling machines, a variety of capping machines and capping machine accessories such as cap sorters and elevators, and labeling machines. No matter what type of liquid you are packaging into containers, you’ll be able to find the appropriate equipment to do so at E-PAK. 

Learn more about the equipment we offer and how it can benefit your packaging line at https://www.epakmachinery.com/.