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Product Packaging Line Push Station for Transfer

Creating an efficient packaging line involves more than just finding the best capping machine or the most appropriate liquid filling machine. You also need to think about things like moving your product containers from machine to machine, and that involves not only conveyor belts but also push stations and pull transfer stations. Package transfer stations are what allow the containers to be moved from their space on a conveyor belt to the position at a given machine. For example, without transfer stations, the product containers would simply sit on the conveyor—they wouldn’t be able to reach the machines, such as the filling machines or the labelers, on their own. 


Differences Between Push and Pull Stations

Push and pull stations are used to move and reposition bottles and other containers throughout a packaging line. Their basic function is to move product from one place to the next, so depending on the configuration of your packaging line, one of these may be the better choice. Push stations are generally used to push the bottles into position under a new machine station, such as the liquid filling machine station. Push transfer stations allow the bottles to align accurately underneath where they need to be for clean, efficient filling. Pull stations can also be used for this function, but they are installed a bit differently.

Other Essential Machines for Your Line

If you hadn’t known you needed transfer stations, you may not realize you need other accessory machines—things like bottle cleaners and cap sorters. Bottle cleaners may not seem like something that every packaging line would need, but the truth is that with storage of any type of container, dust and debris can get inside the bottle, contaminating the product once it is filled into the container. To avoid this, bottle cleaners are needed to remove these particles so that your product is free of contaminants.  Cap sorters ensure that your containers’ lids are properly oriented and ready to be placed onto a bottle when they are fed to the capping machine.

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