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Inspect & Reject Station for Product Packaging

If you’re in the business of packaging, shipping and selling liquid products, it’s essential for your packaging line to have an inspect and reject station to ensure that products that don’t meet your standards don’t end up getting shipped regardless of quality. Inspect and reject stations work by checking for flaws in packaging like dented bottles, un-tightened or poorly placed caps and lids, and inconsistent fill levels.

Why Do You Need an Inspect and Reject Station?

Imagine if, when you packaged up your product and shipped it off to your customers, those customers found problems with their shipments that affected their ability to use or resell your product? In addition to causing potential messes, if it happens more than once, they could decide to stop purchasing from your company in favor of one that sells higher quality, undamaged products.  Don’t lose out on potential business when the solution is as simple as implementing a station that checks to make sure your products are in the best shape possible.

Problems During Packaging

Many problems can occur during your packaging line’s process. For instance, a bottle may be dented even prior to filling, which can cause a host of issues as it moves through the line, from a cap being unable to be twisted on tightly, to the fill level being much different than the other bottles due to the dent.  Other issues can arise due to the speed of the line, for instance if a bottle gets jostled and doesn’t right itself before the conveyor moves, this can lead to more problems as it passes through to the next steps in the line. 

Implementing an inspect and reject station saves you from having to deal with these problems after it’s too late. Instead, this station will remove damaged goods from the packaging process before they end up at a customer’s door.