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Bi-Flow Accumulation Conveyor for Candle Jars

Conveyers are an essential part of any packaging line, as they take products from one station to the next, completing the packaging process smoothly. E-PAK Machinery’s conveyers allow for a modular concept in your line, with the capability of fitting your production needs via shape and size. Accumulation conveyers allow for easier accumulating, single-filing, and orienting of all kinds of products, helping you optimize efficiency within your packaging line.

Why Use a Bi-Flow Accumulation Conveyer?

Bi-flow accumulation conveyers use two conveyers running in opposite directions to efficiently redistribute products during down-stream delays or malfunctions—for instance, if there is a backup at the capping machine due to a delay, the accumulation conveyer will rearrange the containers so that the backup doesn’t get worse. They can also help cool products or let them dry before they reach the next machine, as they delay the transition from one station to the next. If you need a way to slow the packaging process between steps, accumulation conveyers are a great way to do that.

E-PAK Machinery’s Inventory of Packaging Solutions

At E-PAK, we’re glad to be able to offer our clients complete packaging like supplies, including machinery for every step of the process. We offer bottle cleaners, conveyers, liquid filling machines including molten product systems, labeling machines and capping machines. Whether you just need to add to an existing packaging line or you want to start yours from the ground up, we’ve got an array of products and machinery that will help you achieve your goals. We also offer continued support, including troubleshooting, tech support, installation, maintenance and more. If you’re not sure if an accumulation conveyer is right for your specific needs, feel free to contact us at any time—we’re happy to discuss your application’s needs and the solutions that will be best for it.