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If you’re interested in finding out more about the various conveyors we offer at E-PAK, check out these videos that demonstrate how all of our machinery works. When you’re putting together a packaging line, conveyors are extremely important as they carry the containers from one station to the next, facilitating the packaging process. Check out these videos to learn more!


Types of Conveyors Available

There are a few different types of conveyors that you can choose from for your packaging line. Standard conveyors are what you most likely think of when the word pops into your head, and these variable-speed machines are designed around your bottling machine requirements.  Rotary turntables are also available, and are designed for improving efficiency during the bottling process. They can be customized for your specific needs, including adding bottle guides, railing and half-moon off-loading options. Finally, there are cooling conveyors for molten products. Cooling conveyors are engineered to transport molten liquid products slowly and smoothly during the filling and cooling process to prevent spillage and waste, and can be customizable to have fans implemented underneath the belt for when additional cooling is required.


Customizable Options for Your Specific Packaging Line

Because our goal is to provide out customers with the best machinery possible for their specific products, we offer our conveyors in a variety of lengths, widths, materials, types and shapes. 

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