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Automatic Wick Inserter for Candle Holders

If your company produces candles, chances are you know about the hassle that comes along with inserting wicks into each one. This process, if done by hand, can take an extremely long time to complete, not to mention the results may not be as consistent as you’d prefer. Thankfully, at E-PAK Machinery we aim to help businesses streamline their packaging processes, and part of that is done with the help of automatic wick inserters.

How Do They Work?

Automatic wick inserters are designed to make your job easier—they’re quiet and easy to use, and require very little maintenance and upkeep. When the machine is loaded properly and the wicks are ready to go, the operator loads the containers up as well, and then presses the start button. The machine works by gluing a perfectly centered wick simultaneously into all of the containers present. The only routine maintenance required is limited to keeping the glue hopper and wick hopper filled. Additionally, changeover is fast, as all that is required is changing the setting to a different size—no tools necessary. The wick inserter can be used with a variety of container shapes, including round, square, hexagonal, etc., and the machine is designed to use pre-made wick-clip assemblies of your choice.

What Else Does E-PAK Offer?

In addition to automatic wick inserters, E-PAK also offers semi-automatic wick inserters and a host of other packaging machinery. Some of the machines offered include molten product filler machines, which are often used in conjunction with wick inserters, as well as liquid filling machines, cappers and conveyer belts. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us at any time. Our professional team will be happy to discuss any of our packaging products with you so that you can get the best-matched machinery for your business’ needs.