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Wick Inserts

When you’re in the business of making candles, you know about the tedious task that is manually inserting wicks into the candle containers. Thankfully, there is a machine that can make this task a thing of the past—wick inserters do the job for you. Check out these videos to see how they work and how they can save you time.

Semi-Automatic Vs. Automatic

Our semi-automatic wick inserter is designed to make your job easier. The operator places four wick-clip assemblies into their waiting station, and then glues each wick into a container, perfectly centered. Routine maintenance is required, if only to ensure that the glue hopper is continuously filled. It is compatible with a variety of container shapes, including round, square, hexagon, etc. The automatic wick inserter is extremely quiet and easy to use. In this set-up, the operator loads bulk containers and wick-clip assemblies so that a long line of product is ready to go. From there, the same process is carried out, with the wicks being glued into the exact center of each container.


Other Aspects of a Molten Product System

Other machines that will typically be included where a wick inserter is used is a molten liquid filling machine or portable molten liquid filling machine. These are used to actually fill the product into the containers, and the one you choose for your product will depend on how much of each candle you are making, since the portable option is smaller. Additionally, cooling conveyers are used to cool down the liquid in the containers as they travel through the packaging line.


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