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Automatic Wick Inserter for Candle Production

When you run a packaging line that deals with candles, you know there are some unique challenges that you need to work with to ensure that your line stays efficient but also that your products are of exceptional quality. If you’ve been placing wicks into candles by hand, you’re well aware of the time it takes to do so. Thankfully, at E-PAK Machinery we offer equipment that can streamline this process, including the automatic wick inserter machine.


How Does This Machine Work?

Automatic and semi-automatic wick inserts are designed to work quietly and efficiently. In order to function, these machines are loaded with wick-clip assemblies into the staging section, and then, the operator presses the start button. The inserter then glues a wick clip assembly perfectly in the center of the container. The automatic wick inserter can accommodate eight containers at a time, making the entire process quick and easy. Regular maintenance is limited to just ensuring the glue chamber is filled, and changing accommodations to fit a different size container is an easy task that takes less than one minute. This machine can work with containers that are common container shapes, including round, square, hexagon, etc., and sizes from 2” to 4.5”, with a maximum height of 6 1/8”.

Other Available Options for Candle-Making Lines

If you’re planning an entire line of equipment for taking care of candle-making or molten product filling, you can also look into other machines like molten liquid filling machines which keep the wax melted and pourable during the process, as well as cooling conveyers, which help to cool down the wax once it’s been filled into the containers. Automating the process of making candles can make your business more efficient, and it can save you time and money as well.