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Puck Unscrambling Rotary Turntable & Conveyor

If your liquid filling line utilizes packaging pucks to ensure that containers don’t tip over or spill during the packaging process, you’ll appreciate the puck unscrambling rotary turntables and conveyor belts offered by E-PAK Machinery. Similar to cap sorting machinery, puck unscrambling equipment helps expedite the process of packaging your liquid products. In this video, you’ll see how the puck unscrambling rotary turntable functions and how it can benefit your packaging line.

Why Use a Puck Unscrambling Turntable?

Puck unscrambling rotary turntables work to properly orient each puck before it’s used to stabilize a bottle that’s being filled with liquid. With this machine, you won’t have to worry about the puck facing the wrong direction or being improperly positioned when the bottle or container is placed inside. It is for this reason that it can save time and be beneficial to have this sort of equipment in your packaging line. Any way you can optimize your facility’s packaging processes is a way to save time and money.

Packaging Equipment from E-PAK Machinery

At E-PAK, we offer a variety of machines to ensure that every aspect of your packaging line can be taken care of. We provide bottle cleaner equipment to ensure that your containers are debris- and contaminant-free before filling, as well as a variety of liquid-filling machines to fill your product into the containers. We stock conveyors to bring containers from each station to the next, including cooling conveyors for molten products, and three different capper machines plus a vertical plugging machine. We also offer labeling machines and accessory machines, such as cap sorters and elevators which increase your packaging line’s efficiency by properly orienting lids before they’re fed to the capping machines.

For more information about the machinery we offer at E-PAK, contact us today.