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Push Transfer Station for Product Packaging

Creating the most highly functional packaging line for your products means making sure that every step is in place and working properly. It includes paying attention to details like not only choosing the best liquid filling machine or most efficient conveyors, but also making sure that you install transfer stations for each machine station. 

Transfer Stations in Production Line Operations

Transfer stations, which can be pull stations or push stations, facilitate the process of your packaging line by making it so that the bottles move off of the conveyor belt and into position at a machine, then once that action has been completed, back onto the conveyor so they can go to the next station. 

Transfer stations move the bottles from the bottle cleaner machine to the conveyor, then from the conveyor to the liquid filling machine. Then, the bottles are moved back to the conveyor, where they move down the line to a capping machine, and the transfer station then moves the bottles onto the capping machine station. It’s a simple process, but without transfer stations, the line wouldn’t be working. 

Essentials for a Good Packaging Line

In addition to transfer stations, you’ll need to get properly sized conveyors, plus other machines like bottle cleaners, which ensure there are no contaminants in your containers, and cap sorters/cap sorting elevators. Cap sorter machines properly orient the lids for your bottles before feeding them to a capping machine, so there is no time wasted on flipping caps that aren’t ready to be used. We also offer a range of different liquid filling machines for a variety of needs, including molten liquid filling machines for things like candles, lip balms and other products that require the liquid to be melted before filling.

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