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Push Station for Packaging Line Conveyors

Putting together the best packaging line for your business means finding the best types of equipment for the containers and the product you’re selling. One thing that remains constant, however, is the need for push stations for packaging line conveyors. Without these essential pieces of machinery, your product’s containers would simply sit on a conveyor, unmoved, never reaching the next position in the packaging line. Likewise, without pull station and push station transfers, bottles wouldn’t be able to make their various stops on the packaging line. In other words, without this equipment, your packaging line can’t function properly, and won’t result in finished containers ready to be shipped.

How Do Push Transfer Stations Work?

Production line conveyors work to bring your product’s containers from one location to the next, but it’s push stations and pull transfer stations that do the next part of the job. Push stations ensure that the container gets pushed off of the conveyor belt and into position at the machine that they need to be at.  Once the job at that machine has been done—for instance, once the containers have been filled, a push station pushes the containers back onto the conveyor belt so that they can get pushed to the automatic bottle capper and then on to the labeling machine.

What Other Machines Do You Need?

When you’re building your production line, it’s important not to forget about certain accessory machines—things like a bottle cleaner or a cap sorting elevator. You may not think that a bottle cleaner is necessary, but container storage can cause dust and other debris particles to get into the bottles your product will be filled into. Before filling them, it’s essential to clean them and ensure they’re free of contaminants. Additionally, consider machinery like cap sorters and cap sorting elevators, both of which ensure that the caps for your containers are properly oriented before being fed into the capping machine. This saves time and makes your packaging line even more efficient. 

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