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Pull Station for Product Packaging Lines

When building the most efficient packaging line you can, you probably think of things like conveyors, liquid filling machines, labelers and capping machines, but along with conveyors, one other important fixture in a successful packaging line should be a pull station. Pull stations are used to transfer your product from one station to the next, bringing containers from start to finish quickly and easily.

Why Do You Need Pull Stations?

You may think that pull stations are extraneous pieces of machinery, and that your conveyors will do the job just fine. On the contrary, conveyors simply move things in curved or straight lines. Once they are set in front of a specific machine, unless there’s another piece of machinery so act on them, those containers would just sit there on the belt. Instead, pull and push stations ensure that the containers get pushed or pulled into the proper position so that the next machine can do its job. Pull stations, or transfer stations, align your product’s containers with the space on the next machine that they need to populate in order to be acted upon successfully.

What Other Packaging Machinery Do You Need?

In addition to pull and push stations in your packaging line, you need the rest of the equipment in order to successfully get your product packaged and ready to ship off to your customers. For instance, you’ll need a bottle cleaner which removed dust particles and other debris from the containers, preparing your packaging line for contaminant-free packaging. You’ll also need conveyors, to bring the containers from the bottle cleaning station to the liquid filling machines, to the labelers, cappers, and to the end of the line.

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