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Molten Product Melting & Filling Equipment

In the realm of liquid packaging lines, molten product fillers are an essential for many businesses, particularly businesses that sell and produce candles. Molten product fillers keep liquid melted so that it can be easily filled into containers, and are generally used for products that are solid at room temperature—such as candles. At E-PAK Machinery, we are happy to offer two types of molten product melting and filling equipment, as well as other machinery that is meant for use with molten products. We offer standard, stationary/permanent molten product fillers and portable molten fillers as well.


Portable vs. Standard Molten Product Filling Equipment

If you’re considering molten product filling machinery but haven’t decided which type to add to your packaging line, consider your usage of the machinery. If your business creates relatively small batches of candles that are different scents, portable molten liquid filling machines may be more suitable. Portable machines have 40-gallon tanks for neutral wax, and the dye/fragrance is kept separately. The two only mix in the handheld wand dispenser, so because the wax stays “clean,” you can change over to different dyes and fragrances to create different products quickly and easily. However, if you package large batches of candles, or you don’t use different scents—simply neutral, unscented candles—you may want to invest in standard, more permanent machinery. It will allow you to maximize efficiency and productivity of your packaging line while ensuring great results.

Other Molten Product Equipment

When you deal with molten products that are solid at room temperature, they must be cooled/solid before being capped or sealed and labeled so that the container doesn’t shatter or crack due to heat/cooling with a lid on. To expedite this process, you may want to implement a cooling conveyor in your packaging line, as this will cool the containers/solidify the liquid as it transports the containers to the next station.

To learn more about molten product filling systems and equipment, contact E-PAK Machinery today.