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Diving Head Filler with Close Nozzles & Capper

When you’re looking into the variety of liquid filling machines available for your products, one you’ll come across is a diving head liquid filling machine. These are ideal for products that are foamy, very thin, or very viscous. The diving head ensures that all of the product will be filled directly into the container, and won’t splash, overflow, or spill. When it comes to choosing the best liquid filling machine, if your product is caustic, chemical, or expensive to manufacture, it’s essential to make sure that the product stays where it is supposed to go.


Types of Liquid Filling Machines

There are a variety of liquid filling machines to choose from when you’re building your packaging line. Gravity/pressure fillers are one such option that can utilize a diving head for each container. These machines are customizable so that you can have as many fill heads as necessary, and because they are designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency of the packaging line, they are a great option for many different companies and products.


How to Integrate a Diving Head Filler Into Your Line

Implementing a diving head filler is no different than implementing most any other liquid filling machine. Finding out the specifications necessary is obviously important, as you will need to decide how many fill heads (and thus, diving heads) should be on the machine, as well as if it will need to be an overflow filler, gravity filler, molten filler, or otherwise.

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