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Automatic Wheel Plugging Machine - Vertical

When considering options for sealing your containers after they’ve been filled with your product, you have a few different options. If your container isn’t compatible with screw-on lids, an automatic plugging machine might be a good option for your needs. Plugging machines secure plugs into containers—think of how wine corks are placed in bottles—and are an efficient way to finish the packaging of your products.


How Do Plugging Machines Work?

Plugging machines work by aligning the plugs with the opening in the container, then pressing them into place. The plugs themselves are held in a rotating wheel and as the wheel spins while the bottles pass through on a conveyer, the plugs are inserted into the container at a steady, consistent rate, so that your packaging line produces a high volume of product in a small amount of time. The vertical wheel placer is synchronized with a timing screw indexer, and is able to fit the plugs securely into the containers.


Fully Integrated Into Your Packaging Line

Automatic wheel pluggers are easy to integrate into your existing packaging line. If you’ve been sealing your containers manually, you’ll save a ton of time by automating the process with a machine. They fit right in with other machinery, particularly liquid filling machines, conveyers, labeling machines and more.

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