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Gravity / Pressure Gravity Filler

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Volumetric Pressure/Gravity Filler

E-PAK Machinery manufactures a wide variety of time-based Gravity and Pressure/Gravity filling machines suitable for filling virtually any water-thin to semi-viscous liquid. Gravity filling systems are ideally suited for thin, foamy products while pressure/gravity filling systems have the ability to handle slightly more viscous liquids. E-PAK customizes each model with the right combination of contact parts for your products and the appropriate quantity of fill valves and accessories to meet your current and future production demands.

Features / Benefits
Versatile Design
Capacity to fill 1/4 ounce up to a 5-gallon containers

Robust Construction
Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction help extend the life of your machine
(HDPE, UHMW, and PVC construction materials are also available for corrosive products)

Microprocessor Controls With Programmable Storage
Filling and Container Indexing settings are easily programmed with “User-friendly" PLC

1/100th second timers offer precise control of liquid levels and preset recipes for fill level & bottle indexing can be stored in 100 job memory for easy set-up

Tool-less Adjustments Reduce “down time” with faster changeover

Product Videos

6 Head Automatic Gravity Filler With Air Rinser ()
  • 6 Head Automatic Gravity Filler With Air Rinser
  • Sanitary Gravity Filler With Pucker And Depucker