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Clutch Brake Labeler for Paper, Clear & Mylar

In any successful packaging line, the last step is the labeling machine, which shows both the business owners and staff as well as the customer what is in the container. At E-PAK Machinery, we are proud to offer our customers equipment for every part of the packaging process, including labeling. Our clutch brake labeler is compatible with paper, clear, and mylar labels, and can be used on a variety of shapes and sizes of container.


Why Choose E-PAK Machinery?

Our goal at E-PAK Machinery is to ensure that our clients receive high quality packaging machines for their lines, and that’s why we’re proud to offer a range of different machines. From bottle cleaners, which ensure that the containers you are filling are clean and contaminant free when your product is filled into them, to the aforementioned labelers, we’ve got equipment for every step. After the containers are cleaned, they’ll travel by conveyor to the liquid filling machines—at E-PAK, we offer several different types, such as:

  • Pressure fillers
  • Gravity fillers
  • Molten fillers
  • Net weigh fillers
  • Piston fillers
  • Pump fillers
  • Overflow fillers

If you’re not sure which is best for your product, contact us anytime—our associates will help you make the right choice.

Accessories and Other Equipment

Once the containers have been filled, they’ll head to a capping machine. In addition to offering chuck cappers, snap cappers, spindle cappers, and vertical wheel pluggers, E-PAK also offers accessory machines for capping containers, such as cap sorters and cap elevators, which orient the caps properly to eliminate wasted time in the process. After the containers are capped and sealed, they’ll get their labels affixed, and you’ll be able to send them off to their final destination.

Contact E-PAK Machinery today for more information about any of our equipment:

  • Bottle cleaners
  • Conveyors
  • Liquid filling machines
  • Capping machines or accessories
  • Labelers