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Top 5 Beverage Trends of 2019 | E-PAK Machinery

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Top 5 Beverage Trends in 2019

As we continue the year, there are certain changes in nearly every industry to look out for, and the beverage industry is no exception. Here are the top five beverage trends to consider this year to take your products to another level in 2019.

1. Hyper-Personalization in Functionality

A growing number of consumers are drawn to functional beverages for the health benefits of packing superfood ingredients such as activated charcoal, melatonin, turmeric, aloe vera, and matcha in their beverages.

As a result, more and more companies are looking to meet consumers’ wellness goals. These include beverages that promote improved sleep, beauty, weight loss, energy, gut health, and cognition. Other needs such as cardiovascular health and oral health are also being taken into consideration.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is also becoming a popular ingredient in many beverages, which can help relieve pain, seizures, nausea, depression, and anxiety.

2. Drinks Made from Plants

Many people are also seeking more plant-based food and beverages, which are both healthy and sustainable.

Coffee is seeing the biggest increase in demand for plant-based ingredients, including plant-based creamers and milks. Soy, coconut, and almond-based drinks are also leading the beverage industry, while oat, flaxseed, and peanut options are gaining traction.

3. Nostalgia and Colorful Options

Consumers want colorful beverages that use bold and bright hues to stand out, particularly for the purpose of inclusion in Instagram posts and other social media.

Ingredients such as beet, matcha, blue algae, and others are making waves in the industry for their vibrant colors.

Another factor that consumers want is nostalgia, with flavors that evoke childhood memories such as cookie dough, cereal milk, birthday cake, and maple.

4. International Flavors

Consumers also enjoy feeling connected with other cultures, which is resulting in a trend of using ethnic flavors and ingredients. Flavors such as jalapeno, habanero, chili, cardamom, and ginger are popping up much more frequently in beverages.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on increasingly popular globally-inspired flavors such as guava, blood orange, yuzu, and Meyer lemon.

5. Different Textures

More brands are considering the texture of their beverages as a way to stand out and appeal to consumers. From RTD in coffees to other foamy and frothy textures, many beverage manufacturers are taking advantages of recent technologies to replicate consumers’ preferences when it comes to the feel of their drinks.

Carbonation, whipped, and nitrogen-infused textures are also popping up in teas, coffees, beers, juices, and protein drinks, among other beverages.

Taking all of these trends into consideration, you can stay ahead of your competitors and stand out among your consumer base for a combination of unique colors, flavors, textures, and more.