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Packaging Machinery Trends to Look Out for in 2019

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When looking for a dependable packaging equipment supplier, companies often look for a combination of elements, including affordable pricing, spare part availability, technical capabilities, and appealing product offerings. Companies will also seek suppliers with an impressive history in the industry along with turnkey solutions that can help them get the most from their production lines.

An Increase in Packaging Diversity

As the market continues to change and evolve, packaging itself is undergoing certain changes, with a greater variety of packaging sizes and shapes, along with formats including aerosols, PET/HDPE bottles, pouches, and tubes. Companies are also expected to make changeover faster and maximize production. As a result, from primary to secondary packaging machinery, machinery is expected to be able to accommodate for packaging specifications of all types in an effort to meet the growing demand.

More Automation & Innovation

Another element that companies want to incorporate is increased automation and innovation to both decrease human interaction with machinery while providing accurate warehousing for products. Through the use of robotics and automation, companies can essentially eliminate human error while increasing output and accurate mixing.

The only perceivable downside to increased automation is the increased complexity that comes with it, which results in greater delay and cost. This has made manufacturers seek machinery that’s capable of performing without any need for constant or heavy maintenance, along with a common control/communication platform.

With fewer skilled employees in charge of a facility, manufacturers will rely on OEMs for maintenance in the event of any operational issues.

Improved Sustainability

As environmental awareness and cost-saving continue to be focuses among manufacturers today, more companies are looking for sustainable packaging solutions that require less resources while helping to reduce production and packaging costs. This means that energy-efficiency and eco-friendly packaging materials are becoming more and more crucial among manufacturers. This also helps further impress consumers who are looking for more sustainable products as they become more environmentally conscious.

Custom Configurations

Packaging specifications vary depending on the needs of each company and facility, which is causing companies to look for machinery that is fully customizable with features and designs that are tailored to meet these needs. As a result, OEMs are offering configurable equipment that utilizes custom programs, user-friendly interfaces, and unique setups to meet a variety of facility requirements.

Packaging Trends Will Continue to Change the Industry Landscape

These are some of the key packaging trends that you’re likely to see continue to change the way packaging is accomplished for a wide range of products across a variety of industries. Subsequently, more manufacturers such as E-PAK are adapting to these and improving their machinery to meet the needs of all types of manufacturers. As businesses look for new ways to appear fresh and original while saving money, we’ll see an increased demand in automation and innovative packaging capabilities.