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3 Station Spindle Capper

Spindle capper machines from E-PAK Machinery provide a valuable resource to companies that need a reliable method for securing caps on their product’s containers. At E-PAK, our goal is to offer companies efficient ways to make their packaging line more productive.

Why Use Spindle Cappers?

Spindle cappers work to secure threaded caps onto containers. They can be used as part of a fully automated system, or can be used as a tightener for hand-placed and trigger-style caps. What’s best, you can start with this machine as the tightener, then add to your line later on to upgrade to a fully-automatic line. Our machines are compatible with one another, offering you the flexibility you need to stay on budget.

Modular Packaging Machines from E-PAK Machinery

Our goal at E-PAK Machinery is to ensure that businesses who need reliable machinery have access to just that. We offer a range of different machines for inline packaging, including liquid filling machines, cappers, conveyer belts, and more. If you’re ready to boost productivity and efficiency in your packaging line, consider not only spindle cappers, but our other machinery as well. Learn more about our products today.