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Semi-Automatic Wick Inserter

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E-PAK’s Semi-Automatic Wick Inserter has been designed with simplicity in mind. It is extremely quiet and safe, as well as easy to use. The operator simply places four wick-clip assemblies into their waiting stations, and then presses the dual start buttons. The machine precisely glues four perfectly centered wick-clip assemblies into your containers. As the completed containers are automatically removed, a new set of jars is loaded into the machine by the integrated conveyor. The machine is now ready for its next cycle. Routine maintenance is limited to keeping the glue hopper filled, and changeover to a new container size takes less than one minute, without any additional parts being required. The Semi-Automatic Wick Inserter uses a variety of common container shapes (round, square, hex, etc). Standard container diameters range from 2” up to 4.5” with a maximum height of 6.125”. The high quality, precisely made wick-clip assemblies has a 6mm or taller barrel height and is available in any wick type.


Call or Email For Pricing: (219) 393-5541 cs@epakmachinery.com