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Overflow Liquid Filler for Industrial Bottling Lines

When it comes to liquid filling machines, there are a variety of different types of machines to choose from for your packaging line. One such choice is the overflow filler. Overflow fillers deliver consistent fill levels regardless of variations in the container, and are capable of filling a range of products from thin to viscous.


How do Overflow Fillers Work?

Overflow liquid filling machines work by holding the product to be dispensed in a stainless steel reservoir. From there, the product is dispersed to each container, and once the cosmetic fill level is reached on all of the containers, the excess product or foam overflows back into the reservoir—hence the machine’s name. These machines can be programmed for ease of operation, speed control to reduce foam, and variable pressure. Though these machines are capable of working with a range of products, they are most commonly used for filling beverages and other thin liquids into containers.

Other Aspects of a Successful Packaging Line

In order to ascertain the highest quality finished product, there are a few other machines that should be included in your packaging line. For example, a bottle cleaner should be used to first ensure that no contamination will take place and that all debris and dust is removed from a container before being filled with liquid. Once the containers are filled, you will need to send them to a capping machine of some sort to be sealed, and then a labeler will indicate what is in the container. To move from station to station, your packaging line will have to incorporate the use of conveyor belts.

Ensure your packaging line works its best by implementing machinery from E-PAK Machinery, including overflow fillers and much more. Contact us today for more information.