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Olive Oil Filler with Head Inline Chuck Capper

At E-PAK Machinery, we are proud to be a supplier of a variety of liquid filling equipment for many different industries. One industry that utilizes liquid filling machines often is the food industry, and olive oil is just one product that is filled into bottle with these machines. There are a variety of different liquid filling machines that can be used to fill oils into containers, and there are several capping machines—like the chuck capper here—to choose from as well.


Types of Liquid Filling Machines

There are a variety of liquid filling machines, and some are more suitable than others for certain products. For example, if you are filling a thin or foamy product, you’d want a gravity filler, while thicker, more viscous liquids are better suited to a gravity/pressure filler. Expensive, high-value products, or bulk products are best suited for net weight fillers, as these machines not only ensure the exact same amount goes into each container—this establishes a consistent, aesthetically pleasing look—but they also ensure that no product volume is lost due to overspray, because they are gentle-filling machines. Other liquid filling machines offered at E-PAK Machinery include pump fillers, piston fillers, overflow fillers, molten product fillers, and portable molten fillers. For more information about these machines and to determine which is the right one for your product, contact us today.

Types of Capping Machines

Once your product is filled into the containers, you’ll need to seal the containers securely. There are a few options available for doing so. In the video, you see a chuck capping machine, which affixes caps to containers by allowing the container to stay stationary, while a rotating head drops down and twists the cap on tightly. Spindle cappers are a similar machine, except they have the container rotating rather than the lid. Snap cappers apply the caps by snapping them onto the containers, and finally, wheel pluggers, work buy inserting a plug into the container—think of products like wine bottles that have corks; those are sealed with a wheel plugger.

For more information on packaging machinery, contact E-PAK Machinery today.