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Net Weight Package Filling Equipment

When you’re working with expensive or highly valuable liquids that need to be bottled or packaged, it’s of utmost importance to use machinery that can ensure as little waste or spillage as possible—preferably none. Some machines are better equipped at handling these demands than others, one of them being a net weight filling machine. At E-PAK Machinery, we’re proud to be able to offer such a machine in our inventory of liquid filling machinery.


What Are Net Weigh Fillers Used For?

Net weight fillers are ideal for ensuring that the fill level on each container is precisely the same, as they are timed and the flow of liquid will stop when the container reaches a specific weight. They are ideal for filling liquids in bulk quantities, such as five-gallon buckets (like paint or some cleaning products) or expensive liquids that are highly valuable and should not be sold with even a little extra in the container, lest profits be lost. They can be used with a wide range of liquids from thin or foamy products to highly viscous liquids.

Benefits of Net Weight Filling Equipment

In addition to ensuring no product is wasted—thanks to a gentle fill system that prevents the loss of volume through overspray—because this machine ensures an even and consistent fill level, the satisfaction level of your customers might see a boost as well. When they see that each container they’ve purchased has exactly the amount listed on the label—none with even a small amount less than the others—they’ll know that you sell a quality product and that you are a reliable vendor. Past the quality assurance, though, net weight filling equipment provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the containers, since all of them will have the same fill level.

For more information about net weight filler machines or other liquid packaging machinery available from E-PAK Machinery, contact us today.