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Net Weight Filler Equipment for Liquid Filling Systems

At E-PAK Machinery, we’re proud to offer our clients in all industries the machinery they need to build a successful and efficient packaging line. Part of that means offering a range of different liquid filling machines to ensure that the most efficient machine is being used for a given liquid. When you work with E-PAK, you’ll find it’s easy to seek out the machine you need for your job, including net weigh filler equipment for liquid filling systems. 

Why Your Line Needs a Net Weigh Filler

Net weigh fillers are the ideal solution for ensuring that each container you fill has the exact same amount of product in it, whether your containers hold one ounce or five gallons. If your company sells high-value liquids, for instance, this is ideal to ensure that containers are not overfilled even a little bit—this overfilling can add up very quickly and cost you profits. Our net weigh filler equipment is easy to use and has a modular design so it will fit into your packaging line with ease, and it has the capacity to fill a variety of different containers, large or small, in many different shapes. The machine has independently-timed valves that are programmed by the filler’s computer, and liquid flows by gravity into the container, stopping when the specified weight is reached. The end result is containers that are uniformly filled and consistent.

High Quality Packaging Equipment From E-Pak Machinery

At E-PAK Machinery, we’re dedicated to offering our customers everything they need for their packaging lines, including:

  • Bottle cleaners
  • Liquid filling machines
  • Capping machines
  • Labelers
  • Conveyors

When you need to build up your facility’s packaging line and you need to find machinery that meets all of your needs and is reliable for years to come, shop with E-PAK Machinery. For any questions about any of our products, contact us today.