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Net Weight Filler Machine for Filling Containers

When you’re evaluating different types of liquid filling machines for your facility’s packaging line, consider E-PAK Machinery’s net weight filling machinery. Net weight fillers are ideal for packaging products that need to have the same amount of liquid in each package. These machines are also ideal for products packaged in bulk quantities, because rather than timing the fill process and hoping that the time allotted produces consistent fill levels, net weight fillers promise that each container will have the exact same weight of the product in each unit.

What Products Are Best for Net Weight Fillers?

One of the greatest benefits of net weight fillers is that they first weigh the product before being filled into the container, ensuring complete accuracy and consistency when eventually filled into the bottles. Conveniently, these liquid fillers are ideal to use with many different liquids, from thick to thin. They can be used to fill a wide range of products, and can be used to fill small containers from a quarter of an ounce all the way to five gallons worth of product. This machine’s overall versatility makes it unsurprising that it’s such a vastly used piece of equipment.

Other Packaging Machinery from E-PAK

In addition to offering consistent, reliable net weight fillers and other liquid filling machines such as piston fillers, pump fillers, molten product fillers, and gravity fillers (just to name a few), E-PAK Machinery is proud to provide our clients with a range of equipment that meets all needs of your packaging line. We offer bottle cleaners to ensure that your containers are free of dust particles and other contaminants, as well as conveyors (including cooling conveyors for molten products) that take the containers from one machine station to the next, ensuring an efficient packaging process from start to finish. We also supply capping machines and cap sorters and elevators, as well as labeling machines to ensure your products get properly labeled before shipping out.

For more information about any of the machinery we offer for packaging lines, contact E-PAK Machinery today.